Our Story to Date


The Irish Critical Care trials group was established by a group of clinician researchers back in 2007. Under the inaugural chairmanship of Dr Brian Marsh the group undertook it first studies. These were epidemiological studies which described the burden of critical illness (especially ARDS) and outcomes in Irish patients. This work set the stage for the groups first interventional studies.

In 2010 we commenced out first interventional randomised controlled trial of a statin in 534 patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (NEJM, October 2014, see CTG publications). 

Since then the ICC-CTG, completed a demographic study of the burden of critical care in Ireland in 2014, to determine feasibility for future interventional studies (in preparation) and established a point prevalence program (see research). 

The ICC-CTG members have taken part in two international interventional randomised controlled trials coordinated by the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Research Centre, Melbourne, Australia. These were published in the NEJM in 2014 (ARISE) and the Lancet in 2015 (EPO-TBI), see publications.

Furthermore, we the CTG is currently engaged in 4 large randomized controlled trials (see current research) in collaboration with Canada, Australia and New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

These efforts to date demonstrates that a key support is a team of highly motivated ICU clinicians who are committed to the IC- CTG and who work in all the major ICUs in Ireland and who in combination provide care to the overwhelming majority of critically ill patients in the Island of Ireland.