Point Prevalence Study

This program acts as an observational study, without any intervention, and involves collecting data on topics of interest, in patients in multiple intensive care units, on a specific day or days. It provides no information on outcomes, but provides very important information on how common a problem is, and what is currently being done to manage that problem. This is an ongoing program consisting of multiple research collection days, each performing multiple, independent studies simultaneously, including a number of paediatric studies.


The Point Prevalence studies are purely observational, and no intervention is required by the study protocol. The collected data will be entered via a secure password-protected encrypted website (RedCAP).


This project is a prospective, observational, multicentre, single-day, point prevalence study of evidence based processes of care using piloted CRF. Research coordinators from each participating institution collect data on all patients who are present in the ICU on the study day. Only fully de-identified data is released to the program’s management centre.